Why Beef Steaks Cannot Be Done Away With

Animal welfare groups and some health advocates are campaigning for a meat-free diet. They may have their valid reasons, but with steaks out of our menus? That may be quite impossible.

We grew up with steaks on our tables. We have enjoyed sharing it with family and friends. Taking this out from our usual menu may seem like taking rice away from the dining tables of Asians. Steaks are traditional foods for us that have been here for generations.

Aside from the savory taste and rich tradition, Holy Grail Steaks will always be here to stay because of many reasons. Here are some of them.

Can Reduce the Risks of Heart Diseases

Whenever we think of food that is good for our heart health, we always discredit animal products because of the old-age belief that fats are bad. Saturated fats are indeed harmful to the heart, but when it comes to unsaturated fats, they do otherwise. Steaks have saturated fats too. They are fats called stearic acid that can be broken into unsaturated fats called oleic acid. Oleic acid is essential for lowering blood cholesterol and blood pressure.

Are Packed With Bioavailable Nutrients

Most people say that steaks are the most enjoyable way to consume red meat. Aside from its savory taste, steaks are also rich in vitamins and minerals that are important in the whole body’s normal functioning. Among these nutrients present in steaks are most of Vit. Bs, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, and iron.

When you go strictly for grass-fed beef, it will even be more helpful as it has more linoleic acid and omega 3, which are good for heart health. There will also be more of vitamins a and E, which are antioxidants.

Can Help Build Muscle Mass

Indeed, choosing grass-fed beef can be the safest way to consume our steak. By doing so in larger volume, you can increase your muscle mass more naturally than other forms. With steaks, you can have the muscle mass you longed for while eating a delicious meal. Unlike when you take in steroids and SARMs, you may have the desired physique, but you have only a pill to ingest.

The reason steak can give you more muscle mass is that beef is one of the best sources of protein.

Have Wide Range of Tastes

From blue to rare, medium-rare, medium, medium-well, and well done, steak can come with a variety of tastes. You may find several ways to prepare in many countries, and they come with uniquely fabulous flavors.

Indeed, we may never be able to do away with steaks. But to make sure that we get the most of its benefits, taking it in moderation can be the best way to consume it.